Sheridan, Illinois Vacation Day 0.5 (reprise)

And so we have come to Saturday, the last day of our vacation, though it is really the second day of our un-vacation travel time.  Or, the reprise of day 0.5.  No matter what you call it, it is not really part of the vacation in my opinion.

It is, however, very much part of the travelling.

Let me begin today’s post by telling you this simple fact:  last night was awesome!

Cut for those who prefer to end on a high note

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Sheridan, Illinois Vacation Day 0 (reprise)

Warning: this blog post is possibly filled with all sorts of negativity, hostility and travel-related bitterness.

Cut for those who just can’t take any more bitterness, hostility and negativity

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Sheridan, Illinois Vacation Day 6

Well, this is it – the last real day of our vacation. Tomorrow we get the pleasure of loading up the car, packing ourselves into it and driving half way home. Tomorrow we get to visit new restrooms and eat crappy food along the side of the highway. Tomorrow we get to find out what we forgot to do during this long, lazy week.

Cut for those who want to keep thinking the vacation glass is half full

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Sheridan, Illinois Vacation Day 5

Today was much like the past few days. No internet, no joy for Rob. I got up to write some more and finally got the rest of my Chinese Whisperings stuff completed!  Of course, without internet, I couldn’t get it to my editor.  The deadlines were coming and going fast, but there was nothing I could do about it.  As Douglas Adams said,

Cut for anyone who, inexplicably, doesn’t care what Douglas Adams said

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Sheridan, Illinois Vacation Day 4

I got up early today figuring I’d head over to the Activity Center to find and use the internet.  My withdrawal symptoms from not having internet or email are getting worse, not better, so I need my email fix and I need it now!

So, I journeyed to that crib and I let myself inside… sorry, went to a Tone Loc place there for a second; all better now… So, I went inside the Activity Center and was met by a big, ugly monster with fangs, horns and blood dripping from its rotten, fetid mouth. 

Cut for those too scared by this realism to continue

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Sheridan, Illinois Vacation Day 3

I woke up this morning and immediately set to work on my Chinese Whisperings commitments. These included some author biography work as well as a behind-the-scenes look and, most importantly, more work on the re-writing of “Thirteen Feathers”.  It was my goal to get these items emailed out to my patient and loving editor by the end of the day.  Well, to be honest, I hoped to just get the bio and behind-the-scenes bits out to her; the story probably needs another thirteen hours of revising beyond what I can do today.

So, I made my morning coffee and settled in to write.  Words, so often my friends, have been failing me lately, but even so I’ve been able to get some to flow onto the page.  Apparently, though, my life-long struggles to write about myself continue and I struggled greatly with my bio.  Who’d have thought that writing approximately 100 words could take so long?  I mean, I can usually bang out a thousand words or more in thirty minutes – even faster on a good day!  But tell me to write about myself and, well, it’s like I’ve never written or spoken a single word in my life.  This is why I never changed jobs despite being miserable for a long time at my old company – I didn’t know how write the cover letter!  And the resume – limit me to a few bullet points and I am dead in the water!

Cut for those who think this post will be about my resume-building tips and tricks.

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Sheridan, Illinois Vacation Day 2

I woke up to more weather today.  It was sunny and warm.

What?  That’s still weather, even if it’s not a big bad windy and wet storm, isn’t it?

Anyway, it was planned to be a somewhat lazy and laid-back day.  Partly that’s because I don’t feel like driving 40 minutes or more just to get to civilization. Partly it’s because I have some editing and reflection pieces to write for Chinese Whisperings.  Partly it’s because it’s vacation, gosh darn it, and we’re supposed to be lazy and resting!

So, I spent the morning lamenting the lack of internet in the villas.  I had things to send to my editor, stuff to do for work and a general addiction to email, so this missing feature of the resort was causing me some stress.  People think I’m addicted to coffee, and while that may be true, I get far more withdrawal symptoms from a lack of internet than I do from a lack of coffee.

Cut for those who don’t want this blog to be about my vices.

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